Woodlea Primary School


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Abigail Oliver                Headteacher  Designated safeguarding lead

Miss Lucy Ventham             Key Stage 1 Leader Deputy Designated safeguarding lead

Mr Matt Petts                         Key Stage 2 Leader

Ms Lillian Zwarts                   Senco  Deputy Designated safeguarding lead


Teaching Staff:

Miss Lucy Ventham                  Hedgehogs Class Teacher - paediatric first aid trained

Mrs Sam Hazle                            Robins Class Teacher 

Mrs Jen Maguire                        Dormice Class Teacher

Mrs Emily Adams                       Rabbits Class Teacher 

Mr Matt Petts                              Badgers Class Teacher

Ms Victoria Mayne                    Squirrels Class Teacher

Mr Kian Church                          Owls Class Teacher



Support Staff:

Mrs Carol Puttock                   ELSA & Mental Health Lead paediatric first aid trained

Mrs Clare Poore                        Teaching Assistant - paediatric first aid trained

Mrs Sarah Wills                         Teaching Assistant

Mrs Tamsin Pearson               Teaching Assistant  

Ms Julie Cook                             Teaching Assistant - paediatric first aid trained

Ms Debbie Knowles                Teaching Assistant & Breakfast Club Supervisor - paediatric first aid 

Mrs Abi Sayers                           Teaching Assistant paediatric first aid trained

Mrs Laura Burns                       Teaching Assistant

Ms Hannah Nash                      Teaching Assistant paediatric first aid trained

Mrs Claire Walters                   Teaching Assistant 

Miss Lauren Calver                  Teaching Assistant 

Miss Abi Kleeman                     Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jenni Monah                      Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Emma Duffield                 HLTA, Teaching Assistant, Precision Teaching Lead & Travel Plan Lead,   - paediatric                                                            first aid trained


Lunchtime Supervisory Staff:

Ms Hannah Nash - Paediatric first aid trained

Mrs Abi Sayers - Paediatric first aid trained

Mrs Laura Burns 

Mrs Sarah Wills

Mrs Tamsin Pearson

Miss Lauren Calver

Miss Abi Kleeman

Mrs Jenni Monah

Mrs Abbi Knibbs

Mrs Natalie Tanner


Admin Staff:

Mrs Sarah Stanbridge               Senior Admin Officer

Mrs Nikki Statham                      Senior Admin Assistant 


Site Staff:

Mr Simon Gibbons                  Site Manager & health and safety

Mrs Leah O'Reilly                     School Cleaner


The Treehouse - after school club

 Ms Hannah Nash                    After School Club Supervisor - Paediatric first aid trained

Mrs Abi Sayers                         After School Club Assistant Monday & Tuesday

Mrs Emma Duffield               After School Club Assistant Wednesday

Mrs Jenni Monah                    After School Club Assistant Thursday & Friday

HSC3 Kitchen Staff

 Mrs Sharon Whitear                Kitchen Cook

Mrs Alison Brindley                  Kitchen Assistant

Ms Gemma Stillwell                  Kitchen Assistant




There are no staff members earning over £100,000 at this school

Here is the link to the schools financial benchmarking website